what is not in .Net Core in comparison with .Net Framework?

ASP.NET Core: what is not in .Net Core in comparison with .Net Framework?

We are at the beginning of creating a new web application. Originally planned to use ASP.Net 5, but thought about using ASP.NET Core (.Net Core) or ASP.Net Core (.Net Framework) as the basis.

The first option attracts by the opportunity to host the application on * nix, the second one with the integration of API controllers and conventional controllers, as well as other improvements (this also adds advantages to the first one).

There are rumors, and some respectful websites of cource, claiming that not everything has been transferred to ASP.NET (.Net Core), but we have found nothing regarding the list of missing features, is everything really so bad? Everywhere there is a description of what we get, but there is no information of what we lose.

And if ASP.Net Core (.Net Framework) is compared with the already proven ASP.Net 5, what will we lose? Or is it better to use proven technology?

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If we are talking about the choice between Core and the genuine .Net Framework, I want to warn you ans share some issues we've had with our own project.

We have a project on .net Core. At the same time, the solution uses many projects (csproj) on .net (not Core).
Everything works quite correctly when launched from the studio, but problems start when working, for example, with CI or building via the command line.

There is either an MSBuild builder that does not understand the dependencies between Core and regular projects. And the same dotnet, which is more accustomed to Core.

In general, a hodgepodge and we can not establish CI
So see if you can work without interfering with the platform.
If not sure, better .net framework