How to transfer products from Drupal to Wordpress?

How to transfer products from Drupal to WordPress?

Could you you please tell me how to transfer products (title, description, price and picture) from Drupal to WordPress? I have Installed Views Data Export, created a CSV file, then upload to WordPress, and he writes that the format is not correct.
How to prepare a CSV file for download?

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Assumed that you have Woocomemrce installed as a store:
As We understand, you have exported it to csv for Drupal, and you are trying to add to the WP through WordPress Import most likely

1) Install the following plugins on the WP:
Wp All Import + Wp All import Woocommerce Addon and import your csv | xls file through it.
Select the appropriate columns and drag them to the import area in the plugin.

2) As an alternative, you can parse the goods. True, again you will come to the format csv / xls

3) Use specialized plugins for Drupal -> WordPress / Woocommerce, like this one

4) Use paid cms2cms services -