How to implement the creation / duplication / deletion of text blocks for the frontend without plug-ins through the admin panel?

How to create an unlimited number of text blocks, duplicate and delete them, so that everyone can write their own text, and not duplicate. I know that page builder for WordPress can do this, but it’s very difficult to isolate this particular moment in them.
I would be grateful for any links and tips.

P.S. Perhaps some kind of plugin can be installed that will help with this, but not these cumbersome page builders.

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1. Add a metabox with the text field
2. do the name of the field field_name [] so that the value is saved to the array
3. Add a button to add another field, and assign the cloning of an existing field to, if the existing field contains content, clear the cloned object,, add a new field below the current one,

On the Home page, you will receive as post_meta the value of each text field will be as an element of the array